Established in 2016, F r u i s h u n operates on two planes - an expressive empowerment  brand for women, and a progressive art haven for artists to collaborate. We aim to push the meaning of our statement of creating a life you desire, encouraging women and anyone inspired to not only feel great in what they choose to wear- but to feel the inertia of creating for yourself with purpose. We continue to deliver our customers a completely unique art experience. We offer an array of illustrated designs on hand picked fabric, both, you'll never find anywhere else, some hand printed from our own in-house printing facility. 

F r u i s h u n  came to be in Angela Pilgrim's Resident Newark studio in 2015, a traditional illustrator and painter, she took her hand into exploring this medium in the extension of printmaking. Born and Raised in New Jersey, Pilgrim has always played a role in creating art that viewers were moved by and could relate to. F r u i s h u n was created to communicate that goal by designing work people loved wearing as well.